Maria Rivas

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photo of Maria Rivas

Maria Rivas:  Known as the “Queen of Jazz” in her native Venezuela, and currently residing in Mallorca, Spain, Maria Rivas will grace The Miami Beach Jazz Fest during a rare visit to the United States.  Possessing one of the most sensuous and versatile voices in today’s Jazz scene, Maria Rivas’ unique sound combines an intoxicating blend of classic American and Latin Jazz with just the right splash of Brazilian accents.  Throw in her signature mix of indigenous, Caribbean, European, and African strains – and you have one of the most memorable voices on the world stage today.  Celebrating the release of her eleventh album, “Motivos,” Maria will offer a show of musical magic, as only she can.  In the words of Grammy, Latin Grammy and Emmy award winner Dan Warner, who provides his emotive guitar on “Motivos”, “Maria is an artist of extraordinary talent, a talent that transcends cultural, language and geographic boundaries.  She is a national treasure in her own country….and the world deserves the opportunity to hear her.”